ME (09-09-59 / Illinois)

Who Am I

Stand solid upon the ground
Listen to me no other sound
You have a choice
To listen to my voice

Quiet your mind; close your eyes
Deeply inhale... exhale... now sigh
Imagine me standing by your side
Let the world escape your mind

Stand still
Stand silent
Use your own
Free will

I am here
Release your fear
Give it all to me
It is clear, you see

I live within your heart;
Your soul; your mind;
Your every human part
It is me you must find

Your deepest, darkest shadows and pain
I find secrets that rmain
Listen close between your ears
It is my whisper that you hear

I hold you tight
With all my glory and might
I hold you still
I hold you with my own free will

I placed you upon the ground
I carry you when your lost
I seek you and you are found

Who am I?

My name is God.

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