Who Am I

I am
a tiny bundle of joy in the endless universe,
a twinkling star in the Milky Way,
a tick of a second in the timeless creation of God.

I am...
a man who is brother, father, and uncle filled with love and compassion,
a man with determination to conquer all the hurdles of life,
a man who is husband and a lover, keep you loving with devotion forever,
a man of honor and dignity, respecting and admiring the virtues of others.

I am..
the great blue sky, that keeps your hopes and goals soar so high,
the endless ocean, that transforms into cloud and water to keep you alive,
the mighty wind, that makes you breath and makes your spirits feel so free,
the blazing fire, that kindles warmth and joy in your life,
the earth, the origin, continuity, and the destination of your life,

I am..
in love sometimes, in despair sometimes,
happy sometimes, sad sometimes,
everything sometimes, nothing sometimes,
what I am, almost all the time.

by Jay P Narain

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