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Who Am I

I never thought
To be like this
For me
Things were
Out of control
Never sure
If I was able
To see the next morning
Who am I?
That you’d talk to me
So softly
That you would give me
So many names
Beautiful ones
New to my ears
Who am I?
To deserve all these

by Berhan Mehari

Comments (2)

Well that was a readable piece. I liked the humbleness the narrator shows; liked the twist at the end- 'who am i to deserve all these'. But i would like to disagree with the narrator in the poem in that being called names, beautiful names, does not make one so humble as to deny to hom/herself his identity as a human being- - - who am.......But keep it up Berhan, as they say everyone has stories to tell and od tell us yours.
Nice poem dear. It speaks out a deep feelling so well. Please keep on writting. I'll look forward to see more of them. With care.