Who Am I

'Who Am I' A big question of everyone's life so mine too...
Am I unintelligent when I do error, Am I stunning when I do something appropriate because people admire me for my charm.
Yes I am remarkable but horrible too at some stage.
I can be agreed and I can deny for anything.
I am surprised but fulfilled too.
I can be denote sometime but on the other hand I am decent.
I feel shaky but sometime I am very firm.
I am obvious but there is something blur.
I am so happy or gloomy. I feel never-ending solitary sometime.

Am I stupid
Am I beautiful;
Am I awesome
Am I awful,

Am I yes
Am I deny;
Am I puzzle
Am I satisfy,

Am I mean
Am I noble;
Am I shudder
Am I stable,

Am I clear
Am I vague;
Am I glad
Am I sad,

Am I single
Am I infinite.....

It's not only me, It's you all... We are different from each other and have many faces. We act according to the situation or we turn
the situation as per our ease. There is no evidence and reason of the accomplishments. Sometimes we are responsible for the situation but sometimes situation is responsible to turn us like that.
Everyone is culprit. We are culprit of our wrong deeds. Excuses and blaming is nothing but a self defense to feel happy with ourselves because we won't be able to breathe if we'll find guilty ourselves. Our soul will hang us till the death so we think that it's better to stand on the evil rock. This is how everyone finds the reason of being happy and survive, those who don't get it they just don't want. The power of our will is so strong that we can live in vein or we can achieve a martyrdom. It's completely a person's choice. We must be courageous enough to take blame along with the credits. So accept, whatever you are- 'A man of desire or a jewel of satisfaction'.
We are successively fulfilling the desire of being whatever we want and ignoring the truth of life. The veil of worldly possession may hide the beauty of divine but one day we all will definitely look the reality although we know it but we are afraid of losing the beautiful dream of life by opening the eyes in between. So we all are living with the closed eyes which would be open after the death.

by Ishq Niyazi

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A sublime start with a nice poem, Ishq. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
Nice one. Everyone should ask these question from himself. The words came out from the heart.