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Who Am I?

Who am I? ...

I am like the morning breeze
... Simple, yet a complex maze.
A stormy vent of calming ease
... That bitter wine YOU love to taste.

Who am I? ...

I am the balm... A soothing burn
The pinch that kills the pain.
A fragile force... That tempting lure...
Your dream's my fairy tale.

Who am I? ...

I am the spell
... That naughty quagmire
A fantasy world made real
The aura of fire that makes you perspire
... A mutual desire fulfilled.

Who am I? ...

I am deeper than a mere view...
Lest my looks deceive you
Breathe and let me shine through
Now if you're still confused
... Observe a state of Muse...
Let me diffuse... in YOU!

by Fred Omorogbe

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