(January 24,1994 / Cagayan de Oro, Philippines)

Who Am I?

looking in this mirror,
i ask myself who i really am
but i have no answer
for i don't know who i am
and i look deep inside and search

i grew up without a father,
only having my mother play both roles
supporting me, caring for me, loving me
making sure i don't miss out on anything
but i'm missing a father.

I went through the years not caring,
not once thinking about the man whom i never met,
never asking who he was and what he could've been
and what my life would have become with him in it
but i was only kid, a kid without a care

Now I look up in the clear morning sky,
still purple and pink from the rising sun
i think, Where are you, dad? Where have you been?
but silence answers me, i hear nothing
and a void starts to form in my heart.

Who am i really? Why did you leave?
the questions hang in the air, always unanswered
There is no one to answer them but you, dad.
And i wait, quiet and patient, i wait
for the father i want to materialize before me.

He does not come and i go on with life
not knowing, putting all thoughts of him aside
going on content with having just a mother
but once in awhile, my thoughts stray
and i think back to you, dad,
and i wonder, Do you know who i am?

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Comments (2)

WOW - that's quite poignant and sad... Alot of my friends grew up with only one parents - but I had two. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
I should send this to my father. Very nicely said. Thanks for sharing.