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**after The Mist Was Over
SR (November 15,1985 / Methuen, MA)

**after The Mist Was Over

For the wisdom to see inside
The intellect in its strides hard
Soul turned away from the worldly
Eye of aesthetics was turning blind
In senses the endings were worked
Imaginations in wild endeavors
Mystery was but another magic
Various angles like in prism the same
The dialectics left much to explore
A bridge to the self with ladders
The ultimate experience faraway
The night’s celebrations like dance
The wolves and beasts as to the final
The destiny is though in infinity
The long travels in the distances
Much treaded by wise and saints
My glances back on the door open
Of the self in the tavern the Saki
Still my world lies in the beauty
The beloved though is like dew
With gleam of morning evaporates
The delicacy of petals as the senses
Enlivened for the last dropp of red
The wine that sparked the colors
When that beauty like rainbow
Appeared after the mist was over

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Hi Guys, First off, I want to thank you all for your comments. Secondly, I know that this poem is really long. I just thought you might like to know that the reason it is is because it is the original of a poem I did for school. It had to be this long. I will revise it and make it better though. Thanks. Ta-ta, Sarah
Sarah, it is an impressive poem. one of the best i've ever read. focus more about the describtion of yourself, in a way, it won't sound exagerating, or over simplified. describe freely and with a touch of reality. always use our comments to make a better poet of yourself, and a better hope for the world.
Very pantheist and original
I love the idea of the poem but thought it was long and drawn out.
Very Beautiful. Its like you are at one with the universe. Theodora Onken