(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Who Am I, No, Who Is Me

Who am I?
I got her pact.
Its Me
Who gievs the trouble.

Who is Me?
I don't know.
Who am I asking?

I don't feel good.
Me either.
I am up
I am down.

One day I care.
One day I don't.
One day I'm happy.
Next day I frown.

I think I know it all.
I don't know nothing.
I found it out.
Then I forgot.

Whats going on.
I'm going off.
Some call it tripping.
I call it gripping.

Am I talking to Me?
Or is it I?
I wish I could let Me know.
Why can't I just tell Me so.

Who am I
Or is that Me?
I really should know
Would you see for Me?

Oh! Are you trying to help Me?
Then where will I be?
For I was smart and happy
Until I wrote this poem for Me.

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