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Who Am I? _Revised
SR (November 15,1985 / Methuen, MA)

Who Am I? _Revised

I am the underestimated Queen. Men know not what I can do.
I am the Aurora Borealis; beautiful and fantastic. They do not always see my beauty.
I am what you do not see. I am the hidden beauties. The ones only some see.
I am what you do not know. I am all that is yet to be found; yet to be discovered.
I am all they say I cannot be. I will prove them wrong. I am what I want to be.
I am a newly bloomed flower; freshly touched with dew. Fragile and soft.
I am what you are afraid of. The things you do not understand.
I am love, pure and simple. That feeling that you would do anything for that one person.
I am that shy smile you see on her face when you first tell her you love her. I am gentle and quiet. I am sweet and endearing.
I am more than what you see here. I am the things you do not see outside.
I am the tears of Mother Nature. She cries for what she has lost and for what she will lose.
I am silence. You cannot hear me and you cannot see me. I am what is not said and what should be said.
I am what has not yet been discovered. I am what could save lives and I am what could be beautiful.
I am the deep dark of night, dark and mysterious, and the bright light of day, happy and shining.
I am that moment in time that you never want to end. So beautiful and so important.
I am the peace, which they did not seek. I am life and love. I am safety and comfort. I am knowing that death is not around the corner.
I am the child lost and alone. No family. No friends. No place to call home.
I am the world. All the people. All the animals. All the plants. Everything on this planet.
I am far away and yet so close. I am right at the edge, right where I want to be. Yet at the same time, I am so far from home, so far from my hearts home.
I am who you are looking for. I am that love. I am that home. I am that pretty face and sweet smile.
I am the pieces of a lonely lover’s heart. Too many times it has been hurt. Now the pain has caused many cracks and it is shattered.
I am the tropical blue sky. I am that warm sun in that gorgeous blue sky. I am the puffy white clouds you see there.
I am the tears of a mother whose son is at war. I am the shattered dreams and the forlorn cry. She may never see him again and her heart breaks every time she thinks of him.
I am the courage of a soldier. I can stand up in a fight. I can beat them all back.
I am a ghost, sad and lost;
Looking for where I belong. Looking for who I am. Trying to find my place.
I am the future. I am what could be, what will be.
I am me.

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