Who Amongst Us Then Will Be Left To Cheer And Dance?

...this leaf is not of Maple.
Nor is this Pine like the Oak!
Mesquite does not smell like Birch at all!
Why is 'that' grass Bermuda?
Or a Tulip not a Rose?
I've never seen a Walrus do a backstroke!
If I scream and attempted to choke it,
Would an Elephant beam that I provoked it?
And 'why' can't chickens swim?
Do swans, pigeons and ducks...
Want to be like them?
Are they upset by a Lion's roar?
Like the time I got irritated,
When I heard my EX-wife loudly snore?
And I wanted to get up from the bed...
Get dressed and walk out the door!
I could not sleep nor endure that anymore!
What am I exploring here?
And 'why'?
And...what for?

Then I began finding 'that' purpose I wanted to convey!
I know when I composed this...
There was 'something' I had to say!
But in what way?

I remember playing as a child,
And arguing with other children...
Over a toy or a ball or something then.
Only to leave it and that activity behind,
When something else or 'another situation...
I would find that came to mind.
But unlike fights of debates and politics!
Listening to 'leaders' argue...
Over 'who' is more experienced,
And fit to bicker better about it!
As economies and the quality of life...
Further slides into a deepening pit!

We all would be in dire straits...
'If' everything in nature,
Started battling among themselves.
Wishing each who has a purpose,
To be replaced!
Like entertainment in a three ring circus.
As if their importance and differences...
And who is better than who,
And who does what for what reason...
Is not good enough,
To do what it takes!
To bring an audience to its feet,
In applause in awe!
As we all stood pledging allegiance,
To finish in harmony with handshakes!

And what will that take?
A complete destruction from an earthquake?
A hurricane to level complete cities in its wake?
Or a tornado to descend and begin swirling disaster?
For hundreds of miles to stun without a break!
Would 'that' then bring contentment?
Will we 'then' lick our fingers...
After eating crumbcake?

Would 'some' feel satisfied to boast with pride?
Knowing Mother Nature...
Has grown tired of our behavior.
And is stirring up Her own form,
Of unquestionable genocide!

Who amongst us then will be left,
To cheer and dance with an ego to stride?
And other 'things we regard as pests...
That have seen this unrest,
Too many times before.

As we...
Human beings with the right to choose!
Elect to destruct ourselves,
With vicious wicked minds!
As the Earth observes us...
Whining and wasting away each day,
Valuable and precious time!

Inspired by:
Jeannie Ann Clark
Boerne, Texas

'Is that near San Antonio?
I love that great city! '

Thank you, Jeannie.


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

Hi Duncan and Mary! LOL...I got a private message from Jeannie and she 'hinted' that she 'wished' that she provided another 'inspiration'. LOL...She said, 'Lawrence' am I suppose to understand this? I'm paraphrasing her comments. Every once in a while I am motivated to write something that to me makes no sense at all at first! I have to walk from it and them come back to review it! 'Who Amongst Us...' was exactly one of those writings. I said to myself, 'Larry'...some of your works can stretch the imagination a bit, however, even 'spandex' isn't going to help this one at all! ' And then I thought about the current events. the senselessness of most of it! The states of all of our consciousnesses (is that a word) and 'how' disconnected all this 'mess' seems! And then, 'Who Amongst Us Then Will Be Left to Cheer and Dance? ' found its own place! It is as complex as the times we live! Some of it can be followed. And some of it seems totally detached, disjointed and making no sense! It began, to me, to make more and more sense, within this world we now live. Where 'is' that 'normalcy' we once depended on? It has gone! Will it return?
Worthy subject for contemplation. Mankind certainly has the capacity to destroy everything of value on this planet. True understanding of the consequence ought make any disagreement seem trivial. Thanks.
Dear Lawrence In essence I see what you are saying.............and in awe I stand I think that the answers are in the simplist of things, Love duncan X