Who And What Are They Masquerading

I'm sure I'm not the only one,
Who sees what they've done...
Like this:

IF what they had in place,
Was so perfect and right...
Why is it they've compromised their lives,
By standing near an abyss...
To jeopardize themselves instead.
To follow like sheep,
With opened eyes.

Why did it take fresh leadership,
One they criticize and despise.
To say the one elected by popularity...
Has 'stars' embedded in his mind,
As a prize.

To win as everyone praises him.
No matter what the color is,
Of his arrogance and his grin!

And he misunderstands the severity,
Of their dilemma...
Any idiot can recognize.

If he is the IDIOT...
Who and what are they masquerading,
To portray in disguise?
Heartless and blinded zombies?
Gathering to worship failure...
And finding the depth of it,
Surprisingly deep!
And this they can't deny,
Run away from or try to hide!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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