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Who Are We?

We take each day with a promise,
A promise that we will live and not just exist
A promise that we will love each other as our self
A promise that we will walk in His footsteps
And a promise that we will forever acknowledge him as our Lord and Saviour

We take each day with one step at a time,
One step towards being the best we can be
One step towards accepting people for who they are
One step towards being closer with God
And one step towards accepting who we are

We oftentimes neglect what is right in front of us,
Oftentimes its because we want things our way,
We want to dictate how life should be
But the question remains.....
Who are we to change what God has given us?

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a poem so beautifully written.. every day is like a resolution that passes in the wind.. very nice.keep it up.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS poem! u christian? i am and really think that this is an amazing poem. thanks for sharing, Jake