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Who Are You

You might have yourself children
Maybe one or might even two
Now think this one thought to yourself
Would you want them to become like you.
As when a child themselves gets older
And to this world they have changed
People will either welcome and greet them
Or put you, yourself to their blame.
So you will stay the way that you are
And sadly that cannot be changed
With all your lies and your little secrets
So why not go by a different name.
As we all know a liar is but a liar
And a cheater will always cheat
As they cant change who they really are
Even to the new people that they do meet.
They will always put blame on all others
Never place the blame upon themselves
As they believe they are right and never wrong
So others, and not them need the help.
So you can change the color of your hair
And you can even change your name
But inside your heart and inside your soul
You know, that you still are the very same.
As a coward will always be a coward
Who will hide when truth comes along
Though they think they're a giant among men
But really they are just five foot tall.
So someday the truth will come out
And from it you know you cannot hide
Then everyone will say, who really are you
And maybe then you will not lie.

Randy L. McClave

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