Who Are You

I wonder who you are,
I only know you name
and why my life is not
the same. Why when I see you near
my heart beats much too fast,
is this a sign of love
at last? To me like a mirage
one can see but not touch
I know for me your just
too much. And trying to forget you
I send my thoughts real far
but then I look and there
you are. When we bumped into each other
I felt that God was there,
sometimes my life is simply
fair. You might think that I go
giving roses everyday,
I send one rose and give
my heart away. How beautiful they are
your eyes of color blue
I only wish they could
see through. Could you tell me who are you?
please tell me who you are,
the one who is slowly breaking
my heart.

by Sergio Centeno

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