GMM (August ^th,1964 / Denver Colorado)

Who Are You

I thought I knew you
despite the radical mood swings
and irrational perceptions
that now seem to be
the substance
that invents your being.

I am convinced
I did not know you...
I am left to wonder
just what it was I saw.
Perhaps your demons
possessed me...
Just who the hell are you,
do you even know?

There was a time
when your paranoid delusions
were familiar interactions
that we shared.
It is with these bits of illusion
that I walk away.
I wonder as I leave
If you had ever
truly seen me.

Could it be
that I,
in my infinite wisdom,
thought I could revitalize
your withering existence,
But in the process
wilted along side you?
Were we one,
the same weed
littering the garden,
as together
our roots strangled the roses?

Perhaps I do know you,
As surely as I know myself
but there is one difference
that separates us...
I decided to save the flowers.

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