Who Are You?

Who are you really?
Who are you...
If I were to take all the external things of this world away (family, friends, homes, jobs, schools, everything?)
Who would be facing God?
Who is it really that you would be looking at,
If you only saw your deep heart inside of you?
Would it be a black and grey heart?
Or would it be sparkling and golden?
Would you have trapped your true nature in agony?
Or would your heart have grown wings free to soar above itself?
Would there only be you in there?
Or will you have caged the memories and resentments of the past within it?
Who is there?
Who are you?
And who do you want to become?
And dare I venture to ask the same of myself?

by chad fisher

Comments (1)

Interesting poem. But, isn't family, friends, homes, jobs, schools, and everything else what defines us as a person? It made me think because if everything was taken away from me, I would say I was nothing because family and so on is what makes me me. That's just me though. None the less, good poem. It made me think.