CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Who Are You?

Why must you always stare me down,
And prove you are so strong?
Hold me by my throat, dear man,
In case it’s me that’s wrong.
Does it turn you inside out,
Inside that mind you hate,
Is it that hard living with you?
And all the secrets you create.

I can’t take it anymore,
I’m troubled by your woe,
But every time I try to leave,
You beg me not to go.

I see you from the outside,
And the beauty’s clear to see,
But then you turn into a beast,
Who wants to claw away at me.
You break me with your poison,
And as you beg to be undone,
You look to me with hate and hope,
Thinking I might be the one.
You want me to destroy you,
But then you back away again,
You want me to love you more,
Then administer your pain.

You're wanting to be wanted,
A feeling you belong,
But with only fake emotions,
Nothing can be done.

You watch them as they find out,
This side of you’s not real,
You’re look is of pure torment.
Who says that you can’t feel?
Does it make you happy,
To strip me to the core,
To hate me without mercy,
Then to love me raw?
You use me like I'm nothing,
And abuse me for my need,
You want to pull me close to you,
Then plant your evil seed.

Travel in your blackened mind,
A pit of contradictions,
You will see you are alone,
With your devilish inflictions.

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