Who Are You?

Poem By Danny Taylor

Tell me; let me know your secret
Whisper to me in my ear
What is it that makes you crazy?
What gives you the greatest fear?

Tell me; let me know your troubles
Help me bring you back to earth
Explain to me why you have suffered
Show me how much life is worth

Tell me; make me heed your warning
Why is it you choose to die?
Make me feel your pain and struggle
How is it you always cry?

Tell me: scream to me in horror
Please remember that I’m here
Believe in me, my words will hold you
Let me wipe away the tear

Tell me now, before I go
Try your best, soon you will rest
Your pain is real, so let me feel
Inside your head, it’s what I dread
Whispered voice, you have a choice
Just hear my plea, it’s mine to see
Tell me…tell me…

Comments about Who Are You?

This hits home D. Good on you for noticing and offering yourself as shoulder.. and so eloquently. t x

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