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Who Are You?

Who are we?
Human beings on planet earth, of course.

What are we doing?
Killing the earth and fighting with each other, of course.

Why are we doing it?
Because there are a lot of selfish, greedy people and we don't have time to recycle or help the Earth, of course.

What else are we doing to each other?
Watching movie stars getting richer, while there are people in third-world countries penniless. They can't get a bite to eat but celebs can but choose to starve themselves, of course.

Who are you?
Another person who can make a difference in the world, but doesn't have the time, of course. That's everyone's answer.

Who are you? Can you make a difference?
How? How do you define yourself?
Become something great? Do great things?
Make a difference in the world?

Are you another person living life?
Is it to the fullest?
Well, I could have a mansion and a flashy sports car....
Well, I could use some more money...
Well, I wouldn't mind being a celebrity...
(get an education first, it wouldn't be nice to be mocked for not having an education)

Well, who are you?
A poet with a medium house, nice pay, and a nice family.

What more would you want?
This and that, more of this, get rid of that, get a nicer version of that!

Who are you?
A person not caring but for themselves and cheating everybody?
A person who is thankful for what they already own.
A person who dreams of having that or being something else.

Who are you?
A person who sits in a cubicle at a computer?
A firefighter who risk his life to save people?
A person who cheats people or their spouse?
Or a person who hates their life?

How did you define yourself?
Did you hangout with the snobby, popular people?
Did you hangout with the underage people who drink and do drugs?
Did you hangout with the nerds and the geeks?
Did you hangout with your group of friends?

Everyone makes a group of friends, right?
Or are you the kid who is in a group of real friends, but want to be popular?
You were probably with real friends before but wanted to be different.

Who are you?
You are the only one who knows that, of course!

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