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Who Are You
EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)

Who Are You

Who are you..where are you

I've been searching, searching for you.

Walk with me, walk across my mind.

Take my hand, take my hand in yours.

Lead the way..all the way.

Do it..do it now..lead the way.

Can't you feel it..feel it now.

Think..think it now..feel, feel it now.

Move..move in rythm..hear the music.

The music in your head, hear it now.

Why are you..in my head.

Breathe..take a breath..let out a sighhh.

Move to the music, the music in your heart.

Lonely hearts, hearts on fire, hearts of desire.

Burning hearts, meeting in the mind, the mind of desire.

I want to be the lightning..and you the thunder.

Meeting, meeting in the sky..come be my thunder.

Do it..do it now..hear it..feel it..do it now.

Lets light up the sky..and feel it..burning hearts.

Start the movement..move closer..feel it, feel it now.

Two lonely hearts moving closer. can't you feel it..

Move in rythm with me, let yourself feel it.

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