KA (September 21,1988 / Sylacauga, AL)

Who Are You

A mother is what you say you are, but in my eyes you're nothing but just some random person I never knew. You same time and time again you love me, but your actions are showing me otherwise. ALL I EVER WANTED WAS FOR YOU TO SAY THAT YOU CARE AND THAT YOU'LL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? I feel as if you regret having me, your child, your own flesh and blood. Abandon and betrayed is how I feel, but you don't care not one little bit. CAN YOU NOT SEE THE PAIN YOU'VE CAUSED? The pain surrounds me each and every day. It never goes away. Its a pain that been stuck in my heart for so many years, that I was scared to let anyone near or have my heart, an it hurts. You're suppose to be my mom, my friend, and shelter from all harm, but now it's clear to me that you never loved me, you just told me things that I wante to hear. SO IMA TELL YOU WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR. YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER, YOU'RE A STRANGER THAT ONLY CARES ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU CAN GET OUT OF LIFE! ! ! So I just have one question 'WHO ARE YOU? '

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your in the army now... becoming all you can be.. which is sad to say... more than she gave.. and in time... you will give..all that you give.. what was never given to you..iip