CB (05/23 / Illinois)

Who Are You Looking At

If the world is constantly stomping on you,
giving you the blues, here’s what you do,
look at yourself.

When it seems that you can’t keep friends,
your luck is bad and you have no ends,
look within.

You can’t always blame others for every incident,
your misfortunes may be a coincidence.
As I reflect, it’s yourself you should check.

Questions to answer, decisions to make,
look in the glass, there’s no time to fake.
What you see is who you’ve made,
if you’re not down, then make a trade.

Change is growth, growth means to change,
it’s your life to rearrange.
So when the world dumps on you again,
smile because you know you have a plan,
or maybe you just don’t have a clue,
but with your head up and shoulders back
you can show the world a brand new you.

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