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Who Are You, Poet?
FB (1925 / Chicago)

Who Are You, Poet?

Poem By Fred Babbin

You poet,
You inward seeking
belly-buttoned fool.
Who are you?
You are who?

You think your words
are life and breath.
And what has changed
But your deranged
Wording on your paper?
You’ll still have
Your life and death
And all your passion
Can’t repress
Death’s finger

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Comments (4)

I think. Therefore I spam, I mean am. Good job Fred! Humor and wit on a worthy subject.
We cannot cheat death, of course. But a well-written poem lives forever. Many great poets, like Baudelaire and Shakespeare, wrote about this subject. A Brazilian symbolist poet wrote once: 'Que importa que morra o poeta? Importa que não morra o poema! ' Translating, it doesn't matter if the poet dies, as long as the poem doesn't. I am a poet, and that alone defines me, ;) And I write because that's who I am.
OOPS! Then why have I been writing? Thought I could at least buy some time. Ya know, like the kid in the 'Arabian Nights'. I took a shot at this issue with my 'A Poet's Work Is Never Done'. I'll have to sign off for now. My belly-button is starting to twitch. Tom
I am just me nice to meet you.