Who Are You (Religion)

Still I walk this path leaving nothing but tears of sorrow and confusion. Religion you confuse me so, you give me everything and yet I receive nothing.
Who is the man behind many masks who is the one who holds the strings of our lives? Be you man or be you essence? Do you breathe this air of ours? Or do you sing the song of the soul?
Do you gaze upon us with loving eyes? Or do you glare down at us with the eyes of superiority? Do you whisper calming words to those who believe and forget those who like my self walk in circles? I am on the verge of tears on the edge looking down at insanity and back to its brother sanity.
I am sinner with a belief a follower with no leader. Will you play your flute for me and guide me into your open arms? Or will you plug my ears and cover my eyes sending me to strive on my own? Who do I send this letter to hoping to get a response?
Why do I wear this cross when it only teases me with the faith I fear I lack. So many questions with nothing to answer them, shall I look to the facts but if I look t the facts then I do not believe. The facts tell me who and what to believe in if I follow the facts then I will stop believing in...........you
But who are you
so many questions
no answers

by a light in the dark

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