Who Are You To......

Who are you to mock me
Who do you think you are
Who are you to scream at me
this time you have gone to far

Who are you to call me
Who are you to raise your hand...to me
who are you to put me down
I'll get back at you..just you wait and see

its time to grow up you sad person
just grow up you demented stupid twit
one day someone will return your pain
and frankly I couldn't give a sxxt

for what have you got to offer
you use bullying as your tool
your supposed to be our father
you'll end up the lonely one...you stupid old fxxking fool

Another daughter thrown to the side cause your've met someone new
Go and enjoy your new life in Spain
for this may be your last part of your life
and for us no sorrow and no pain

As the streets will be safe
from your taunts and torment
and you're life with your children
well...that is officially dorment

by Melanie Candy

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Proof that the pen is mightier than the sword. If that wasn't therapeutic and cathartic I'll show my backside in Woolworths window on a Saturday afternoon! ! Esra Sloblock
now that's passionate!