Who Awakened Would Be Envious

Why is it,
When a person has decided...
A peace valued and wishes to keep,
Is a sign of temporary defiance?
And not a life choice one has made.

When one has lived,
In the sharing of chaos, confusion...
And indecisiveness of others,
What would make anyone think...
This way of life,
Is so overwhelmingly attractive...
One who has escaped from it,
Is desiring to participate?
By pretending to be left alone?

But they wish...
By a sending of 'perceived' mixed signals,
To have 'that' nonsense lived...
Their way?

Who awakened would be envious of it?
Crazy are the fools who think this way!

An escape,
IF successful...
Is a blessing.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Fantastic! Peace obtained in anyway is Peace