....Who Calls It New?

"Misconception has loan the world into probation"

1) My mother is the same,
So is my father the same:
Tall, shapy and all of that,
Graced with natural arts.
The lazy chick are lazy still,
Insect still on the leaf feed.
The atmosphere looks yet innocently,
And the harmattan beating us mercilessly.

2) Many calls it a new year.
But it's same here, how's it there?
The politicians are yet crook.
Immoralities still sit on our pitch,
Variant disasters yet are on nature unleashed.
Pompous sickness still lurks in those mansion,
The sun still doubt if he'll perform his actions.
Joy still comes and go,
While sadness in her pride still flow.

3) I saw trump on many trump,
Eating all delicacies like junks.
The rich oppress yet the poor,
And destruction grows yet tall.
The loyal folk will not bid adieu.
And the so called newyear will not change the moon:
(Even if it'll, the moon will fight,
And he'll flee before him in fright.)

"A new baby cannot be a sage",
It's just an old year with a new name.
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by Adeyemi Joshua

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