Who Can Love You More Than Me?

None can love you more than me,
I can proudly guarantee,
The way they love is not really love,
Fake they are inside and outside which you don't know of.

Can't you see with your open eyes?
My heart like that of Apollo never lies,
I may not be that famous now but have I some dreams,
Alive they are and will always be like those ambitious streams.

I promise my dear, you will ever be happy by my side,
All I have for you is love, nothing to hide.

by Md. Ziaul Haque

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a very clean, honest, authentic and appealing expression of pure passion of love, that too is offered profusely to someone unconditionally, though some comparisons and arguments of quality is well-balanced. No one can love than you, like you, and realize it in life and in literature too. God bless. rgds.