Who Can Say In Life

Who can say in life what of us is ahead
We live for a short while and are forever dead
Though we have our life choices as some like to say
Destiny in our lives has a huge part to play

The gift of life comes to us only by chance
Your life can change for the worse or the better through luck or circumstance
Like all life forms we are born to mortality
To follow in life the paths of our destiny

For this thing known as success millions do compete
To be best in your neighborhood or best in your street
To be best in the Country and best Worldwide
The human lust for wealth and fame it cannot be denied

Who can say in life what the future will bring
Since life in itself is an unpredictable thing
The fact is we are born as mortals and fact never lie
And one day or night we are destined to die.

by Francis Duggan

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