RW (5/4/1973 / LONDON)

Who Can Stop The Rain

Huddled in a corner, her eyes
opened wide;
sits a little girl, trying to

'They can't find me here', she
whispers to herself;
'for I'll be as invisible as
dust underneath a shelf'.

Yet she knows it's inevitable,
for they always find her there;
curled up in a ball, paranoid
and scared.

They reach out to grab her, but
she only pulls away;
for she doesn't like the games
that the loved ones make her play.

They drag her into a cold, dark
she cringes from the thought of
her impending doom.

Panic arrises within her, as their
hands begin to stray;
she closes her eyes in terror, and
then she begins to pray.

The ritual, as she calls it, doesn't
seem to last very long;
she says to herself, 'You'll get
through this, but you know you have
to be strong'.

After they are finished with her, she
always cries tears of shame;
she feels dirty and guilty and
wonders, who can stop the rain?

by Ruth warren

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Comments (3)

feelings of helplessness but also courage and strength. an emotional piece. -Tailor B.
Sending you a rainbow in your time of rain. I am so glad you are able to let out your emotions & feelings thru your poetry.
The title of the poem was very apt....YOU can stop the rain! Preets