Who Cares

The years have left me looking weary and gray
And who cares about a migrant from here far away
Or if i was the dunce of the primary school
Thousands of kilometers by sky north of Warrnambool
Addicted to rhyming and my best years long gone
But true to my hobby i keep rhyming on
A rhymer since i was twenty seven and in my life's prime
But this is going back some four decades in time
Well into my sixties old age of me ahead
But i want to live on since i will be forever dead
For me too there will be a last night and day
Since we are born as mortals and life is this way
Though i hope to live on for as long as i can
And die without pain as a very old man.

by Francis Duggan

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The poet is the grandmaster of Rhymes. The poet is great with his unique skills, in writing poems. Not all poems know how to write a sonnet but our poet, Francis Duggan know it well. The poet has well described that he started writing poems since he was 27. And now he is in his sixties. WoW! His long life meditation and research work are matters, big matters. Grand salute to the Poet. Thanks for sharing. I am rating this masterpiece to 10.