Who Cares What The Majority

Who cares what the majority do think or do say
Look who they vote into office on election day
Politicians who put jobs before the health of the environment for short term gain
And in so doing condemn the future generations of people to climate related pain
We talk of the future of the children but it is them who will pay
For our bad environmental practices of today
If the people we elect to political power seem anti environment what does this of us say
It does seem in our clouded thinking we have lost our way
Factory chimneys puffing black smoke to the sky
Jobs before the natural environment i do wonder why
Since the Earth Mother who feeds and sustains us we choose to destroy
For the children of the future there will not be much joy
For without a good natural environment jobs will be few
In this i am not telling you anything that is new.

by Francis Duggan

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