(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Who Changed

Who changed the songs that the birds sing
Who changed the song that the choir sings.
Who changed the message prophets bring
Who changed the message that only God reigns.

Who changed the life from our eternal goal
Who changed the process from humble to bold.
Who changed everything from low into high gear
Who changed love from being sincere.

Who changed life's skies from being so clear
Who changed loved ones from being so dear.
Who changed the lamps from bright to dim
Who changed chances from fat to slim.

Who changed standing steadfast to slipping away
Who changed morals to live by steady decay.
Who changed destiny doubting that dues are paid
Who changed the foundation our ancestors laid.

Who changed life from peace to fear
Who changed the smile into a forced sneer.
Who changed the handshake into a simple grudge
Who changed the neighbor to someone to nudge.

Who changed the child to believe its an adult
Who chnaged the adult to allow life to run amok.
Who changed the prayer into a complaint
Who changed church as a sign of being faint.

Who changed the way the world goes around
Who changed things to weak that once was so sound.
Who changed the harmony of mind, soul and spirit
Who changed the way we now see and hear it.

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Yes, I wonder who too Cecelia, this world is going 'downhill' fast, everything is disintegrating so fast, morals, respect, love, giving, helping, considering, everything we were proud of, and the love of God also is threatened. How the realisation of this hurts. We seem unable to pull back from the ever threatening ending. A great write which says everything that should be said. Thanks. Love Ernestine XXX