MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Who Could Imagine

What did I say, what did I do?
What reason could there be?
Why was I blessed with Heaven’s Dew
Making these eyes to see

I’m so confused I must confess
Walking through life as dead
What caused my God my soul to bless?
Why did You raise my head?

Thank You for faith for life’s increase
Calling me whilst astray
For health for wealth for joy and peace
And Truth to show The Way

I thank You for The Living Light
Praise You for all You’ve done
For wisdom knowledge Your gift of sight
Through Jesus Christ Your Son

Thank You for Your arms held wide
Revealing me Your love
Inviting me to come inside
And soar to life above

You know how wrong my path has been
How evil were my eyes
Even my thought I know You’ve seen
Full of deceit and lies

Thus more amazing is Your grace
Your tenderness and care
That I may see my Saviour’s face
And reap of Heaven’s share

Through Jesus’ death I’m now Your child
His stripes have made me whole
Through rising! I’m truly reconciled
Saving my precious soul

by Michael P. Johnson

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