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Who Could That Person Be

Who is the person that can be saved
When sin and lust is all they have craved,
But, to help another person or soul they have braved
I wonder who could that person be.

Who is the person that has betrayed
And when there is sin and evil their picture is portrayed,
But, for the sick and suffering they have wept and prayed
I wonder who could that one person be.

Who is the person that will curse and swear
And will always deny that GOD is standing over there,
But, they are the person who will love and care
They will pray with you, but who could it be.

Could that one person be a total stranger
Who lives their a life in fear and danger,
The one who we really don't know and is a life changer
Could that person be you, or maybe it is me.

I just wondered as I have walked
Some might have said I ran or maybe I have stalked,
But from the needy or the helpless I have never balked
Maybe without knowing that person was me.

I don't want to speak with a vengeance, but with a lilt
As we have destroyed and we have also built,
We can't remake the past, so we must live with its guilt
That one person I hope it is to be me.

Randy L. McClave

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the person I hope, good writing, I like it, thanks. please read my poems and comment.