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Who Created Who
NUK ( / Karachi, Pakistan)

Who Created Who

God created man or man created God, who created who? Never ending strife
God never needed man yet the universe keeps on moving with supreme precision.
Man always needed God for his spiritual want
However logic defies, spirit submits to sublime
Because human spirit abhors spiritual vacuum.
Some worship the creator, some worship creatures, some care for none, Some do it just for fun, some are content with one, some go for more than one
Some carve even millions yet starve for more.
Who believes what, what difference does it make
Everyone is right within one's narrow sight,
All the rest are wrong who fall beyond the sight.
What is right for one may turn wrong for others
Rational irrational, logic illogic, sense nonsense deceiving perceptions!
Falls convictions! Every nuisance on earth caused by none but man
What nonsense is man with few tiny cells of sense
Thinks himself full of sense.

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