(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Who Creates. Directs. And Produces

Always there will be some people,
Wishing with wants to do things their way.
With a doing to ultimately discover,
God can not be flattered or manipulated...
By a prayer done to do on a daily basis.
To leave anyone perceiving,
The reason they suffer is a wish from God.
To torment the lives of those favored and chosen,
As martyrs who volunteer themselves to prove...
They can be burdened with self inflicted agonies.

If a message God sends continues to be ignored,
By those receiving them sent...
To disbelieve messengers and events presented,
To misunderstand the payment of consequences.
God will make it understood to have it comprehended,
Who Creates. Directs. And Produces.
To get the best performance GOD chooses.
And anyone's free will to remain ignorant,
To achieve and receive that result to accomplish...
Is their choice to have been made to demonstrate,
A representation of an effective and kept..

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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