Who Decided To Laugh Away My Tears

All this time you had your eyes fixed on me.
All this time you accepted their misguided evaluations.
All this time not a word from me did you hear.
You were just happy to participate in my devaluation.

And now there is no time do I give,
Pretending your unsolicited disrespect...
I can simply forget,
Because of your tunneled vision focus...
Has broadened to view,
Those who tell it like it is...
Are not the ones who enjoy to see you victimized.
Not the way you chose to prove,
To others you can do that to!

You delighted in doing that to yourself.
Without my assistance required as help.

I was the one you were convince to dismiss,
As the fool.
I am sure I do not need to review your attitude taken,
About that too?
I am about facts.
Not vicious vindictiveness displayed in blinded attacks.

I recall you were the one with others...
Who decided to laugh away my tears.
Now that none from my eyes appear...
You want to get closer to see if my smile is genuine.
Trust me,
That's not the only thing about me that is!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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