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Who Do You Rely On?
BG Bob Gotti (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Who Do You Rely On?

As your world goes on day by day, who or what is your mainstay?
The One, who is The Only Way, will also sustain you from day to day.
Christ can not only be your end, He can guide you daily, my friend.
Friends can change their mind, but Christ is the same all the time.

When your world seems to fall apart, who or what calms your heart?
God will calm your heart in life, through the power of Jesus Christ.
Not only does He calm your fears, He can wipe away all your tears.
Christ can put your mind at ease, and fill your heart with eternal peace.

When someone close to you is unjust, whom can you place your trust?
When your friends leave for fear, He’s a friend who is always near.
Disappointed by those close to you, there’s a friend who’s always true.
When your friends forsake you, Christ will stay to see you through.

When your back is against the wall, on who my friend can you call?
Friend you can call upon The Lord, at any path and/or at any door.
When you need a course to chart, you my friend can trust God’s heart.
Just call upon His Awesome Name and you will never be the same.

When the task at hand is do or die, on who my friend do you rely?
You can rely on God, you’ll see, from today on through all Eternity.
You can trust The Lord for sure; He’s The Rock of Ages forevermore.
You can rely on Christ for much more, and my friend, He's at the door.

(Copyright ©10/2004)

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