Who Does God Pray To?

Poem By Anthony Loudin



Maybe they caught an Angel &
made it talk until it caved through.

Gave your information with a time, place, & date too.
Then went to break inside & try to tame you.

I wonder what it would take to make you want to stay glued?
Do whatever they say to & stand up face to face you & hope you can remain true..

Or Maybe you get away still
The next day is phase 2.

Are You Alive? Alright? Fit to Fight?
Or Just A Slight Insane Dude?
Are You Hiding at Night? In The Morning? & During The Day Too?

Let me know how to help so i can send my prey too.
I'm starting to think I'm the only one left to pray to...

I'm tired of playing these games,
i'm no longer the kid at age 2! !
Hide & Seek is what runaways do.
House is no fun when i'm paying it to you.

You owe me an explanation for all my paid dues
& i'm still late... What's this pain supposed to obtain to?

I break through, day after day just make room,
I can breathe.. but never use to staying soon.

I wake up in a vacant spaced room,
Right before i can thank you...
The Roof Caves & Reality Makes Its Way Through...

I Swear One Of These Days I Wont Be In The Same Room,
I'll Beat You To The Explanation, Then Aim, & Stay True.

This Is The Result Of FAITH, Something I Cant Relate To.
Never Will I Fake Truth, Just To Feel Safe Through! !
It's Limiting The Brain, To Benefit From One Way,
& Eliminate Other Faiths, The Ability To View A Race,
But Never Knew Who's To Chase, They're Telling To Your Face,
Its Better to Cover Up What You'll Never Use Anyway...

The Hell With Whatever You Say,
Here's A More Clever Way To View The Truth!

Blow My Brains Out Now You Can See How I Forever Think Of You!

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the truth is the truth

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