MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Who Else But You

Hubble trouble problems and woe
Tragedy worry strife
Swimming constant against the flow
Heaven ordained for life

Surely it’s not The Father’s plan
Surely its not His Way
Why would He come to fallen man?
And suffer death that day

Righteous gracious perfect in love
Tender, forgiving, true
Merciful Christ, Lord, King above
Who could all this! But You

Who else would be so patient Lord?
Would heed a sinner’s call
Would turn aside their vengeful sword
And lift us when we fall

Who but you would share such grace?
Stretch caring arms out wide
Turn joyfully a smiling face
And bid me come inside

Knowing my sin my willful shame
The filth I’ve said and done
Sentenced to burn in endless flame
If not for Christ God’s Son

Who else but You would give a care?
Do wondrous things as these
Open their kingdom for all to share
Who’ll humbly bend their knees

Who else would suffer so much pain?
Be deaf to things I’ve said
Be glad to grant me birth again
Raising me from the dead

by Michael P. Johnson

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