Who Else Is There More Qualified

I am not understanding any of this.
Why are the people so upset?
We've attempted to meet all of their requests.
What is the problem?
Why aren't they happy?
We are doing the best we can.

About the jacuzzi.
You are using too much eucalyptus.
And we've had this discussion before.

'Maybe it has 'something' to do,
With you deciding how their resources...
Should be rationed.'

Your point is what?
I had forgotten what we were discussing.
What resources?

'I'm not sure,
If my comments will make to you...
Any sense at all.
You are making the decision,
As to how 'their' resources...
Should be rationed,
To 'them'.'

I'm still not understanding.
You are making this too complicated.
More complicated than it needs to be!
Who else is there...
More qualified to do it?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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