Who Else Would Do This?

I have been blessed,
To step upon several creative stages.
With this done to accept,
Opposition, criticism and disrespect.
And yet to have faced,
Obstacles and emotional regrets...
To leave me less motivated.
Since what I have been blessed to get,
And with every step of it to expose...
Has been given to prove to anyone,
Left to doubt their own purpose...
Of a life they have been given to question it,
To stop self doubting and begin to think...
WHO and WHAT approves the receiving of dreams?
With them to eventually come true.
WHAT is 'It' And WHO continues to do this?
To then provide initiative 'and' desire too.
And I am willing to bet,
No one gets what is wished to want...
From someone heard that disputes,
Sacrifices made to produce endeavors with effort.
Or a faith kept to keep one's belief in self.
Who else would do this?
Without shown proof of results.
And also wanting for themselves...
Credit for what they did not do to say they knew,
Time will bestow success upon the shoulders...
Of someone they have shared both tears and sweat.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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