(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Who Gets Paid What

If I sat on a fence with others,
To prove I too could do it...
What message does that send?
With it convinced...
My message to deliver,
Has purpose, meaning and content.
And nothing about it,
Serves a personal intent...
That would connect my involvement,
With historical events.

A black man standing 'and' speaking up?
Can expect to be handed a box of tissues.
That's it.
Or granted permission to entertain.
With a doing to satisfy 'all' critics.
Especially if sincerity,
Is delivered with it depicted...
For any attention he 'may' get.

Who would pay me the attention?
Or perceived my message had significance.
If I am sitting with others pretending,
My presence has influence...
And my social status deems me heaven sent.
That would be against,
Anything that is regarded from him as being...
Centered 'only' in common sense!
While decadence and other foolish occurrences,
Are allowed to continue as I sat on a fence.
What do I obligate myself to doing...?
Sharing in provoking of a pointless senselessness?

My commitment is to the message.
Not ego or arrogance.
My commitment is to the message.
With contents that may to many offend.
My commitment is to the message.
Although I know it will offend those who pretend.

'There is a fence sitter amongst us,
With a daring hand raised.
This better be good.
No time do we have to waste.
Yes, fence sitter...
Is there something you'd like to say? '

I think it's best we get off our butts.
And stop pretending to ignore,
The influx of ignorance we all say abhors.

'Oh dear!
Another one in need of a fix.
Someone give that man some 'crack' quick.
Any other suggestions,
That are meaningful and make more sense?
Let's continue to debate,
The effects and results of our conflicts.
And not the reason nor the cause,
From which they 'may' have originated.
Who ultimately pays the piper.
We are not here to discuss,
Who does what to get paid as a salary.
There is an ill of will that chills the air.
And none of it is thrilling.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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