AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Who Gives A Heart

Through the river of veins
Feelings surround the soul
Distributing pleasures and pains
Sometimes out of control
So who gives a heart?
One that is open and true
Do you know where to start?
Cause it‘s got to come from you
Through visions and mirages
Our hopes dangle in dreams
Awakenings come in barrages
Too fast to think of some schemes
So who gives a heart?
To make our dreams come true
If you want to be a part
It has got to start with you
Through beaten paths and wayward trails
And no maps for the way home
Follow the stars when all else fails
Unless you want to find yourself alone
For who gives a heart?
When you need one especially so
Call it love, call it art
It will show you which way to go
Through dim lit dusty closets
Where secrets are so well kept
You just can’t keep out all the regrets
Where the heart has been known to have wept
Who can say they give a heart
For it is more than a sacrifice
Like putting the horse behind the cart
It’s not a mistake you’ll make more than twice
Through unraveled questions not yet explored
One has yet to pay the full cost
Of temptation’s finger so pointedly ignored
We know those crossroads have yet to be crossed
So who gives a heart?
In the face of gloom
Like a misguided dart
It’s too late; it’s found its tomb
Through doubtful guilty feelings
And years of sobs and tears
You don’t know with what you’re dealing
Unless you’ve conquered countless fears
For who gives a heart
The part of you that won’t let go
And you can’t be too smart
If you claim to know what you don’t know

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