Essence Of Emotion Is Feelings!

Essence of emotion is feelings expressed in various ways
By human heart in the course of life in the world society;
Mainly, the feelings we know are expressed as passion, fear,
Anger, hatred, jealousy, courage, love, mercy and lust ever!

feelings of emotion are the cause for all acts of human in
The world that make humans happy, sad, cool or fulfilled;
Emotion is the natural expression of human heart responsible
For one's high stature or low status in all one does forever!

Unless this emotional outburst is controlled, one cannot be
Called as a developed human but only to be listed with beasts;
But sans emotion, no one can be called as human, but something
In between animal and man based on one's attitude and aptitude!

Diversion of one's adverse emotional feeling by rationality
Makes one win over human petty nature to higher nature, which
is possible by channelizing one's emotion in arts, Nature or
Literature to understand human being to works towards divinity!

by Ramesh T A

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He has a lovely way with words
'' And all dishevelled wandering stars '' lovely image.. - '' E tutte le disordinate stelle erranti ''
.....beautiful and so poetic ★