Who Has Assured?

You will not have an answer
For prolonged war
Indiscriminate firing
And daily killing

You will find dead around
With bodies on ground
The color is changed
The blood of human being is not judged

What kind of ideology they have?
Can violence bring change and pave way?
There shall be destruction only
People will face annihilation

This is not medieval era with different ideology
The world has changed and determined o remove poverty
Some of the countries try to bring back clock
They have mercenaries ready to risk life and work

He children and women are not spared
The hellish atmosphere prevails and offered
What you are fighting for then?
Who has assured you heaven?

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Brian Bigelow One day I hope we can leave the stupidity of war in the dust. 13 mins · Unlike · 1
Hasmukh Mehta welcome Shamenaz Shaikh like this. Just now · Unlike · 1
You will not have an answer For prolonged war