Who Has Ownership Of It

You leave me to question,
Whether it is sex or love.
Which is it?
My heart still is unconvinced,
As to which one you prioritize...
With your mind on it.
Committed and devoted.

Yet I must admit,
Everytime I am left...
Wet with sweat and breathless,
I am wanting to hear you say...
'I am yours to take and possess.'

But then...
If you did say that,
I would question.
And wonder if you fantasized.
Me. The sex.
Or someone else to love.
You were expressing to address,
With wishes I possessed it.
Since to me,
Have I yet to hear it said,
Neither to whisper, moan or scream,
In my ears...
One thing about about love.
To claim who has ownership of it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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