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Who Heals The Healer?
TD (12/6/41 to? / Amersham, Buckinghamshire)

Who Heals The Healer?

Who heals the healer?
Who understands
That even with her healing hands
She's only human after all
And as a human she can fall
For bugs and bumps and pains and aches
And as a human make mistakes
And, busy making others better,
Forget these things are out to get her.

Through her do powers intercede
To get to work on those in need,
Through her they pass to cure so much
With just her presence and her touch.
But can't they stop and can't they see
When she herself is not pain-free?

It somehow seems to be unfair
That she who gives out so much care
From sources by whatever name
Cannot expect to get the same.

We've heard about 'mysterious ways'
But some things always will amaze,
And after all the spin is spun,
Who heals the healer - anyone?

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Then she becomes, the healer no more.