Who I Am

I'm invisiable, to one
I'm abused, by another
I'm forgoten, by the last
I'm not worth the money, to save
I'm not worth it at all
I hear other people say they love me
I hear them all call me cute and hott
but I never believe them
I never listen to their crap
I am weak
I have no guts
I'll be alone forever
stuck in a box, with my curse
stuck in a box, being really hurt
I'm a failure
I am unwanted
I'm just another person that needs a little work
I'm another face in the crowd
I'm just a little more fucked up
I'm just a little abnormal
I'm different, from people
I'm hated, for it
I'm undesired, by them all
There's only one I believed
and for that she is hurt
She's like my sister, she worries for me
She's there for me
and for that she's in pain, she's hurt by me
For that she is sad,
she's torn apart thinking she might hurt me or I might be mad
While it's all me
This is me and I know it's only just a tad
But it's who I am even if people don't want it

by cabby desired

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